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Are there any restrictions on what you can do?

Yes, in brief these are –

  • Not operate at a height greater than 400ft above the surface.
  • Not operate at a horizontal distance greater then 500m.
  • Not operate closer than 50m of any Person, Vessel, Vehicle or structure, unless I have permission from person or owner.
  • Not operate over or near a large gathering of people at a distance less than 150m.
  • Anything else I do not feel is safe, e.g., operate directly above someone (hover) or near an airport.

There are more details in the Drone Law section.

Can you operate near an airport or in controlled airspace?

Usually yes, however this depends where the drone is to be operated in relation to the runways in use at the airport. When operating in controlled airspace at a large airport or an Air Traffic Zone near a smaller airfield I would want to speak with air traffic control at the planning stage. I can never allow my operation to endanger an aicraft.

There are more details in the Drone law section.

Can the weather stop you flying?

YES, few drones are waterproof, rain water can get into the electronics and cause control problems when airborne. Also, strong wind has an effect on flying, the maximum wind I feel safe flying in is 19 MPH (including Gusts).

The Great British weather!

As we know our weather can be changeable and difficult to predict. Therefore, I adopt a flexible and pragmatic approach to scheduling client work. 

I will be monitoring the weather forecast. If the weather forecast is poor I will contact you to discuss an alternative plan. This may be to re-book on an alternative day suitable to us both, or, If the weather looks marginal, we may decide to go-ahead and hope for a break in the weather.

Are there any other reasons you may not be able to fly?

YES. The main other reason would be a Temporary closure of the airspace in the area. This may last a few hours or days, depending on the reason for the closure. The other reason could be due to a technical fault with the drone or equipment.

What happens if you cant fly on the day?

Where possible, we can re-arrange for another day convenient to both of us and when the situation has changed to allow the flight to take place.

What if this is for a special occasion and you can't fly?

Obviously if this is for a special occasion such as a wedding then no other day will be available, I won’t take the decision not to fly lightly. If I can’t fly for whatever reason then I can’t do my job and I won’t be charging for my services. If I think the day will not be flyable I will contact you in advance and agree a plan of action. Any deposit would be returned, minus out of pocket expenses.

Some venues charge to fly a drone in their grounds, If I can’t fly for reasons out of my hands, such as weather or airspace closure I would expect any of pocket expenses to be covered, this would be taken out of a deposit. There would be no charge for my time taken in the flight planning stage.

Should the flight be cancelled by me for technical reasons or sickness then your deposit will be returned in full.

Will you need a deposit?

Yes, about 50% of the agreed price to confirm the booking.

Are you insured?

Yes, not only is it a requirement to hold a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) it makes good business sense. I’m insured by Coverdrone with £1,000,000 public liability insurance. This can be increased should the situation require it..

Please be aware that in order to obtain my Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) I have to follow laws and guidelines set out by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). These are set out in CAP 722, The Air Navigation Order (ANO) and my Operations Manual.

Full details about drone rules can be found in the Drone Law section

There may also be some local by-laws which may apply. The key restrictions are set out opposite. I will not knowingly operate outside of these rules, please do not ask me to do so.